About Sara

The sherpa and me before heading into the woods for a long Sunday morning hike. I felt the energy of the earth buzzing through my body, got goosebumps, and laughed out loud. Bruin peed on so many things. It was a successful hike indeed.

My name is Sara McEvoy.  I am a twenty-something-year-old wife, daughter, sister, writer, and good old-fashioned human. I love to drink, I love to read, I love to flirt with men, I love to save money, I love to workout, I love to walk my dog in the woods and I love to wear dresses.

What is the Exponent of Earth?

The Exponent of Earth is a phrase that I lifted from a poem by Emily Dickinson:

Love — is anterior to Life –
Posterior — to Death –
Initial of Creation, and
The Exponent of Earth –

I consider this poem a simple transcript of some of the deepest commentary on human life.  It encapsulates, after all, in a handful of words, the reason I believe that I am here (that, and the glorious march of evolution). As cheesy as it sounds, love is what gives my life its meaning. This is not to say that I spend every waking moment sobbing with joy.  Often–usually–I recognize the love in my life more subtly, and this is okay.  I am thankful for my awareness.

The Exponent of Earth is my mantra of love.  We cannot dream, we cannot achieve, we cannot thrive, we cannot do much without love.  We can’t do much without other things, too, of course, but at the root of it all is love.  A love of _____________________.  I will spend my life filling in this blank, over and over again.

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