Lot of functional movement today. I got up early and went for about an hour long walk with Bruin around West Roxbury. After a some time working on a project or two at Starbucks I headed down to the gym to start my workout.

1. Power Snatch 5×3 – I used 85lbs.
2. Power Clean and Jerk 5×3- 105lbs. John pointed out that I was bringing the bar out around my knees a little bit and needed to keep the bar more in contact with my legs on the pull, which I was able to correct up to about 25-50% of the time.
3. OHS 5×3 – 110lbs. These felt heavy but I felt relatively comfortable with them. Few of them I felt like I almost lost it but I didn’t bail on any of them fortunately.
4. TABATA plank holds….wohoooo boy
5. 10 hpsu (kipping with 1 abmat, I did 3 in a row in one set…meager, by all means, but I’m getting there!)

I came home for lunch and to let Bruin out, then it was back to the gym (Brui in tow!) to do some painting. Took me about six hours to paint the two bathrooms, with some considerable breaks in between to eat, drop Bruin back off at home, and hang out with some folks. One of them still needs some more work done but I’ll have to wait until all the wall/electrical stuff is done. Painting is exhausting!

It was almost 9pm by the time I was finished and even though I was really tired I knew I had one last thing to do for my training for the day per John: 20 minutes on the rower. I rowed 4098m. I was going relatively easy but doing “interval”-ish style for about ten minutes: I would count twenty slow strokes and then do ten relatively powerful strokes (yeah, yeah, sounds dirty–get it out boys) before back to the twenty slow ones. My bum is a little sore but otherwise felt good.

Now into the shower to get all this paint off me!!

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