Down at Craic again today:

1. 6×1 Snatch – I used 95lbs. What is so magical about that last five pounds that is keeping me from getting 100lbs lately? I’ve snatched more than 100lbs before but for some reason I can’t seem get more than 95lbs up these days. A couple of them were power snatches but I was getting the movement okay for the most part. Had to press out on several reps.
2. 6×1 Clean and Jerk – I used 125lbs for 4 reps and then had to drop to 115lbs because for some reason I just lost my jerk. Between these two composite movements, the jerk is definitely the weaker movement of mine. I need to drill this more with lighter weights.
3. 3×1 FS – I used 165lbs. Felt very heavy but I was confident I would get it up each time. I tried 170lbs and failed, just don’t think I had given myself enough time to prepare.
4. 5 rounds of “Cindy” for time: 5:40min. WOW are my push ups bad. Did squats and pull ups unbroken no problem but really reaallly struggled with push ups.

I was meant to do some hspu work after but only did about three before my arms just felt really weak from all the push ups in my metcon.

I have no scheduled workout tomorrow but I will probably be doing a lot of functional movement with walking Bruin, etc., and I know I’ll be at the gym at some point to do some work so I might work in some skill work then.

Food I’ve been eating lately: eggs and bacon, sausages, roasted eggplant, roasted peppers, grass fed beef, spinach salad, pistachios…read: what’s been in my fridge lately. I was lonely last night because Johnny left for AZ (haha) so I “emotion ate” some sweet potato and bacon…mmmmhmmmmm…. Might indulge in some swordfish tomorrow…on the grill!? Oh baby. Provided it’s not still raining…

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