More O-lifts today plus a little short met con at the end. Running/met cons is definitely not the focus of my training right now so it was tough indeed.
1. 5×3 Power Snatch – I did 80#. Shoulders and wrists felt a wee bit “off” so I decided not to push it too much on the weight. When I really think about extending my hips on the pull the bar gets up there much quicker.
2. 5×2 Hang Clean – I used 145lbs for 3 sets and the last two I dropped it to 135lbs because I was interrupted (pleasantly!) by the flooring guys so after clearing out the rest of the stuff in the gym I wasn’t really warmed up anymore.
3. 3 rounds, each for time with a 3 minute rest in between each round of: run 400m, 10 thrusters @ 65lbs. My rounds were consistent: 2:18, 2:19 and 2:17. Thrusters unbroken. I can ALWAYS go faster on runs…

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