So great to work out in the new gym! All the big stuff is done, now it’s just working through all the details, e.g., where everything should go, etc…

Here is what I did for a workout today:

1. Snatch 5×1: I did 1 at 100# then dropped down to 95lbs because I was failing reps. I would have chucked some fractional plates on but I couldn’t find them. Glen gave me a great tip on footwork which did improve my drop under the bar…
2. Snatch Pull 3×3: I used 115lbs. So hard.
3. FS 5×2: I used 160lbs. Strong but solid.
4. TABATA OH lunges with 25lbs…just because, because I wanted to check out the new floor on my knees! Oh so good…honestly I didn’t keep count, I just tried to move.
5. HSPU practice and mu practice: I got to do up to 3 kipping hspu in a row to one abmat and 15lb plates on either side, almost full ROM. MU practice with a band.

I’ll have to go back to the gym later to do a 20min row and hang out. Off for another walk with Bruin. Took him on a nice one hour one early this morning around 6:30a.

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