Down to the gym today after a day at work. Man was part of my workout frustrating…

1. Muscle up practice. 3×5 strict muscle ups with assist from John. So challenging and I just was getting really frustrated with it. I stuck through it though and knew that it was what I had to start doing, focusing on strength development of the movement, and not skill alone. I also went on to practice 3×5 strict with band assist.
2. Power Snatch – 5×2 at 75lbs. Light but focusing on form. My shoulder felt a little off so I didn’t push the weight.
3. Power Clean – 5×2 at 95lbs. Again, a little light but I really felt I was able to focus on explosive hip drive through the middle.
4. 3 rounds each for time with 3 minute rest in between each: 15 box jumps (games standard) 10 pull ups, 10 push ups. First round all unbroken with 1:04. Second round all but push ups (damn push ups!) unbroken, 1:07. Last round I was gassed! My box jumps were unbroken but some were shaky, the pull ups I had to break into three sets, and the push ups I had to break up again. Took me 1:31 which is a huge difference.
5. TABATA sit ups: lowest round was 11. Most (I think all but that one) were 12.

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