Wednesday and Last Night’s Muscle Up Clinic

Yesterday I participated in the muscle up clinic that John/Glen hosted at CRAIC.  I have been working on muscle up progressions for a long time, ever since I got one months and months ago and haven’t got one since!  For a while I was focusing on kipping swing and non-false grip, however now John has me again working on false grip progressions with band and assist.  Well, it is paying off!  Last night I was able to do a muscle up three times – woohoo!  Full disclosure: if a competition-grade muscle up is “Rx” then the muscle up I am currently able to do is Intermediate, because I’m not able to start with full elbow extension.  Regardless, I am really happy that the transition up on the rings is starting to make more sense to my body.  I still need to drill this and then continue to practice getting the full muscle up, including elbow extension at the bottom.

Today was back at Craic – I think my 5th or 6th day straight of training?  I plan on making tomorrow a rest day, maybe some mobility and skill, and then I’ll be in VT from Friday to Sunday so I am not sure what kind of workouts I’ll get in, but I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot of hiking/functional movement.  Anyway, here is what I did today.

1. Hang Snatch 5×2 @ 80#.  I was power hang snatching some of them but really with time was focusing on getting under the bar.  “Stay back” is such an all-inclusive cue for me.

2. Power Clean and Jerk 4×1 – I used 120#.  These felt very solid today.  Technique was on and the weight felt pretty light accordingly.

3. OHS 5×1 – I used 115lbs.  The squat itself was not too heavy but any more on the jerk I was struggling with today.

4. EMOM x 10: 1 Snatch at 85#/20 double unders.  I missed one but re-did it.  All but one set of double unders unbroken.  I was supposed to do this with 95lbs but I was failing this in my warm up so I switched to a lighter weight and was able to get better reps in. I did attempt a few 95lbs after but was pressing out telling me I wasn’t getting under fast enough.

5. EMOM x 10 – 5 toes to bar.  I had to break up most of them but was really focusing on the technique and leg swing.

I spent about five minutes today working on muscle up progressions and will try to get some more in before I leave.  My arms are sore from yesterday!  I want to focus on increasing my tolerance to hanging on the rings with false grip.

I thought I’d make a note about eating since I haven’t in a while.  My breakfast has been bacon and eggs a lot recently!  I’ve been doing no fruit easily enough, though I did have some pineapple in my Hawaiian Hunter Gatherer omelette from Salem Foods yesterday.  My newest obsession is roasted eggplant.  I will literally eat a whole one all by myself! So delicious.  I realize I haven’t steamed veggies in forever…maybe I’ll try that tonight🙂

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