Today I did a workout I have absolutely never done before.  John had me doing max effort 20 second sprints on an AirDyne machine, which looks like this:

John bought it for himself off Craigslist and we have it down in our storage unit right now.  My workout was 20 seconds on the AirDyne going at 100%, then rest for 3 minutes while pedaling an easy pace, repeat this 3 times.  Then I took a 7 minute rest off of the bike and repeated the entire set.  WOW was this hard.  20 seconds seems like a looong time when you are going really really fast.  The rest breaks were very long and multitudinous which tricked me into thinking that it wasn’t that hard, but because I rested a lot, I had a lot of time to recover for the sprints so each one was close to or as fast as I think I could have possibly gone.  My legs were wobbly walking up the stairs and my heart felt like it was beating through my chest!


Went for a long walk with Bru this morning in the Arboretum and will probably head out on another one this evening when it’s not so hot.

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