Return from Hiatus

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, out of sheer laziness. I regret I am not as good as John about updating my training blog every day. After I finished my Olympic lifting training cycle a few weeks ago I ended up taking a week off from training, and then as I got back into working out I stopped updating my blog as much. I decided to start up my blog again after a conversation with someone at the gym, so bear with me as I tiptoe back into it.

On some fun notes, I’ve been getting a few more muscle ups here and there (though still from bent elbows, not full extension) and I PR’ed on my Hang Clean on Friday – 160lbs. That’s actually 5lbs more than my full clean PR, which says a lot about difficulties I have with coming off the floor.

Yesterday’s workout included 20 minutes of muscle up progressions and the following workout:

5 push ups
200m run
3 power cleans @105lbs

Time: 7:36 min. I had to start breaking up the push ups toward the last couple rounds, but managed all the power cleans unbroken.

Food I’ve recently been obsessed with? Eggplant. All sorts of deliciousness.

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