I think today was probably the hardest workout I have ever done. Wow did it suck. I was redlining through most of it. I always can push myself harder but it was so so tough.

7 thrusters, 7 pull ups, 10 cal on Air Dyne bike –> rest 1:30, repeat 4 times –> rest 10 minutes, repeat the entire workout

1. 1:00 min
2. 1:10 min
3. 1:09 min
4. 1:10 min
5. 1:08 min
6. 1:09 min
7. 1:30 min
8. DNF

I got all the thrusters and all the pull ups unbroken until I hit round 7, which John explained to me (as I was peeling myself off the floor after my workout) denotes my “Critical Drop Off” in this workout. I was cruising along at a fairly consistent pace, and suddenly as soon as I picked up the bar in the 7th round I knew it I was in trouble. I was slow on my thrusters and I broke up my pull ups into 4, 1, 1 and 1. The last Air Dyne crawled. John told me at this point to stop the workout because I had reached the stimulus that was intended, so it was unnecessary to continue. Wow….took me a lot of lying on the floor in front of the fan to recover from this one.

I was fortunate enough to swim around in a pool later this afternoon which really topped it off nice:-) I think I’ll have to wait until 10pm to take poor Brui for a walk…so hot!

Cooking for the evening and waiting on John …. Happy Tuesday❤

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