Another fairly hot and sweaty one today; glad tomorrow is a rest day.

Today per my programming I had 3 8-minute AMRAPs to hit. John told me that my goal was to pick a consistent pace on all at which I could keep going without having to stop and if anything move slower than I thought I would need to. I think for the most part I achieved it, with the exception of some minor muscle failure limiting me on the push ups in the 1st AMRAP and assisted muscle ups in the second AMRAP.

1. 8 Minute AMRAP
5 push ups (though I think in most rounds I ended up doing six because I must have just got confused)
6 Power Cleans at 95lbs, touch and go
20 double unders

Score: 5 rounds even

I love double unders, tripped only once on the last set. I also LOVE power cleans. Definitely my favorite movement, even if I’m by no means perfect at them. They just feel really good.

*Rest five minutes

2. 8 Minute AMRAP
5 band assisted strict muscle ups (had to break these up into 1 and 2s)
6 Snatch High Pulls at 95lbs (John specifically told me to try to stay on my heels, but I could feel that I was coming up off of them on the pull)
run 100m

Score: 2 + 11

*Rest five minutes

3. 8 Minute AMRAP
5 burpees
10 GHD sit ups
10 back extensions
row 150m

Score: 2 + 35m on the erg

Later on I came back to the gym to watch Johnny work out and practice some handstands. I did 1 full range of motion kipping hspu on the minute every minute for 4 minutes and then when I started failing I chucked an abmat on my head and did another 10.

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