Rest day yesterday and a full day at work. Today also a full day at work, and boy was I transferring a lot of patients. Physical therapists do a lot of nursing and patient education re: safe ways to get a patient sitting up at the edge of bed, getting from a bed to a chair, chair to a toilet, etc., and whenever indicated the patient should be participating as much as possible. With one of my patients today I basically had to hold a static split squat so that the older gentlemen could literally sit on my thigh. Why? Well, because even with a pretty good understanding of biomechanics and safe transfer techniques, sometimes transfers just don’t go as planned! I ended up having to hold the gentlemen there for about a minute or two as I directed the nursing assistant put the wheelchair behind him so that I could help him sit. It was definitely not pretty, but it was safe because A) I didn’t let him fall (do no harm!) B) I actually felt pretty confident that I could hold him up so I didn’t feel panicky at all. Last thing I want is to have a patient fall on me!

Muscle up practice: got one (still from bent elbows, though this time from greater than 90 deg), and lots of progressions with band and physical assist from John.

Workout: 30 seconds max thrusters @ 70lbs, 30 sec max pull ups, 30 sec on the AirDyne for calories. Rest 5 minutes, repeat 5 times. Blast you AirDyne!

1. 12/10/8
2. 11/11/10
3. 11/10/?
4. 12/10/10
5. 10/8/8

Fairly consistent all around.

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