Today involved a lot of functional movement, kinda typical for most Saturdays. I took Bruin for an early morning walk around West Roxbury, maybe about an hour, and then another mini-hike this afternoon around Wilson Reserve…not before letting him jump in the pond and play with some other wet dogs!

I went with John and some other Craicheads to Vagabond CrossFit in Easton to workout. A bunch of their members were there throwing down too and it was a perfect day and great set up for an outdoor workout.

1. 50m Prowler Pushes x 4 : the chicks used about a 100lb total weight. I felt like I was going fairly fast for the first half or so, and then in the last quarter of each sprint I really felt like I hit a bit of a wall. Guess that’s the whole challenge, huh? After this all our legs were complete jelly, and we had about fifteen minutes to set up and prepare for our second workout.
2. 5 RFT: 10 thrusters @65lbs, 10 burpees, 100m sprint. Time: 11:14 min Rx. This was another great workout…I think I’m getting closer and closer to actually puking during or after a workout one of these days….I was happy that I was able to get all the thrusters unbroken, which was a big push for me because I knew the burpees and run would be relatively slow. It felt great and was fun to throw down with a bunch of other people who really care about a good sweaty workout or two!

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