Today I didn’t really have anything planned for a workout, so I chose one of my goats (an unending list, yes?) and decided to work on the Split Jerk. After all, I can clean 155lbs, hell I can hang clean 160lbs, but the most I’ve ever jerked over my head is 150lbs. I did a lot of repetitions at low weights, ended up to around 140lbs but failed once so immediately dropped back down. I wasn’t trying to go heavy, just trying to work on form, particularly staying back in my heels and keeping a complete vertical torso to improve movement efficiency. It was a nice skill session at CRAIC as I was able to work on my own stuff and watch some other pretty awesome stuff going on around me (our dear Rico backsquatting 300lbs, some boys working through the Hero WOD “Rankel”, John doing a shit ton of rowing and burpees, and Dave and Lauren Plumey busting out heavy back squats and butterfly pull ups like it’s their job…wait…it is their job!)

John and I spent the rest of the day at Legacy Place in Dedham assistant coaching a promotional event co-sponsored by Reebok CrossFit and City Sports. It was a lot of time in the sun so I’m definitely pretty pooped at this point.

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