Yesterday I came up to Maine to visit with a former high school English teacher who I only see once per year when he is home for the summer…otherwise he is off in Africa living an amazing life and teaching at an international school. It was great to see him. I also was able to spend a lot of time with both of my parents, including working out at CrossFit Beacon where my mom works/trains.

My workout was as follows:
1. Muscle up skill progression. Maybe 10 minutes, alternating between high ring hangs, swing attempts, and band progressions.
2. 5 rounds with a 5 minute rest in between each round of 1 sled push the length of the gym (sled was about 70lbs, and the distance was about 60′), 15 pull ups, and 7 power snatches at 65lbs. Here are my splits:
a. 1:15 min – pull ups broken up in to 12 + 3, snatches unbroken
b. 1:09 min – plu 12 + 3, snatches unbroken
c. 1:24 min – plu 12 + 3, snatches 4 + 3
d. 1:36 min – plu 10 + 3 + 2, snatches 5 + 2
e. 1:30 min – plu 6 + 4 + 3 + 2, snatches unbroken

These were tough. My grip started going pretty fast after about the second or third round. Tyson, one of the coaches at Beacon, noticed something about my pull ups that seemed to be slowing me considerably–or at least affecting my energy conservation–namely I was pausing momentarily at the top instead of more actively pushing away–which I focused on for the remainder of the workout and actually did feel a big difference. I probably could have done all the snatch sets unbroken but I think my mental strength faltered a bit on this one. Happy with it overall, it was a good push, and in general I can’t complain about the day: tea with old friends, a good workout, an afternoon nap, a good book, some wine and Chinese food with my parents (yes, I did have an eggroll)….I’ll head back to Maine this afternoon after a workout, straight to Somerville for my Aerial Arts Class…I’ll have to take some picutres this time !

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