One last workout up in Maine before I left today, around noon time. I did some warm up—and truly realized the extent to which my right shoulder flexion and external rotation is limited, compared to my left, pretty significantly—and then got into to the workout:

AMRAP 12 minutes:

5 band assisted muscle ups (I ended up using my leg on the floor to assist into the dip on the last couple rounds since I was hitting muscular fatigue)

10 walking lunges

20 double unders (most, not all unfortunately, unbroken)

Score: 9 + 11

*Rest five minutes, then

AMRAP 12 minutes:

5 burpees (slow, ugly)

10 box jumps (games style, 20″ box)

15 wall balls (I broke most rounds up because I was mentally weak today, my wallballs actually feel so much easier lately but I just didn’t push today)

Score: 7 + 16. I took a fair amount of slow transition and water breaks, too. Would definitely like to do this workout again someday.

I drove back to Massachusetts later and went to my Aerial Arts class in Somerville. It really is scary for me getting completely upside down! It’s one thing doing a handstand against a wall, it’s a whole other thing when you’re on a wiggly silk rope and trying to let go with one hand whilst completely flipped over! Lots of fun though, and I know it’s really good for me.

Good to be home! Tomorrow is a planned rest day but I want to head down to the gym to do handstand/muscle up practice.

Me with my mom, Annie–she gave me tons of extra swag she didn’t want, e.g., headbands, high socks, compression sleeves, and some bras! This one has “MICHEL” on it so I can rock my maiden name/mama pride🙂
Trapeze practice

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