Friday and Saturday

Couple workouts to update. Friday I ended up doing the CRAIC WOD because it looked awesome! I had to do it before the 530pm class because John and I needed to get home in time to get ready for a Cirque du Soleil performance with Glen and Laura. I have SUCH a huge appreciate for how strong these performers are! So incredible!

Anyway, Friday’s was as follows:
10 minutes to find a heavy squat clean – I got to 145lbs. Not a PR but it was definitely heavy today. My elbows were slow coming into the rack position.

Then 10 minute AMRAP
5 squat cleans at 95lbs
7 pull ups
12 double unders

Score: 6 + 3 Rx

This was a tough one. I was huffing and puffing, taking a lot of rest that I probably didn’t need to, and should have started breaking up the pull ups into two sets from the very beginning. I think this ended up gassing me a little. I managed all the squat cleans unbroken and almost all the double unders, but I just couldn’t turn it up on this one. It was still a very challenging one.

Today I came down to the gym to do a little bit of muscle up progression/practice (I didn’t get one today) and then hit the following 20 minute AMRAP:
row 500m
10 burpees

Score: 5 + 9

One lousy burpee from an even six rounds! It was slow, continuous movement and felt great to sweat through.

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