Sunday – Active Recovery

Today I went down to the gym on an active rest day. I started with three different movements as follows: every minute on the minute for 10 minutes: 4 toes to bar. Then EMOM 4 pistols (2 each leg) for ten minutes, then EMOM 4 push ups. I think I could have done higher reps of everything. Pistols are still harder for me to do on my left side and I stumbled a couple times, but I got through them with little issue. Wasn’t meant to be too challenging, just some scheduled movement while working on skills.

I played around with muscle up progressions again and made a couple failed attempts at another one from the rings today (….more will come, I just have to be patient!). It’s been a big week at CRAIC for people getting their first muscle ups. Great to see the hard work!

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