Training Benchmarks

Like many people in my small circle of influence, I really reaallly like to workout.  True, actually began as my online training blog so my coach could track my progress and give me feedback on my workouts. Obviously, this blog has grown into something else, at least partially, and perhaps someday entirely. In the meantime I’m leaving up my current training benchmarks as well as some videos of me training as references for those interested. Thank you for reading my blog!

Pull-ups: 28 (kip), 13 (chest to bar), 15 (dead hang), 40# (max 1 rep weighted)
Consecutive double unders:
2 minute max double unders:
Handstand push ups:
 11 (kip), 1 (strict) 
7 (ring), 2 (bar), 1 (strict)
7 (ring), 15 (bar)

Deadlift: 315
Clean and Jerk: 190
Split Jerk: 190
Squat Clean: 203
Hang Clean: 195
High Hang Clean: 175
Hang Power Clean: 175
Power Clean: 190
Squat Clean Thruster: 140
Snatch: 145
Snatch Balance: 145
Hang Snatch: 130
High Hang Snatch: 113
Power Snatch: 140
Back squat: 245
5 RM Back squat: 220
5×5 Back Squat: 210
5×1 Back Squat: 235
Front squat: 220
Overhead squat: 175
Shoulder press: 95
Push press: 145
Push Jerk: 175
Bench press: 150
CrossFit Total: 630

height – 5’7″
weight – 147lbs

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